The Dark Side of Darwinism, with Dr. Richard Weikart

Dr. Richard Weikart is an award-winning historian and emeritus professor of history at Cal State University Stanislaus, a Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and the author of several thought-provoking books, including From Darwin to Hitler, and The Death of Humanity.

Once upon a time, human beings believed in creation myths. The basic pattern was this: in the beginning, divine forces brought order to chaos, infusing the universe with meaning… Read the rest of this article on my Substack


00:00:07 In this episode…

00:02:35 Intro

00:11:13 Chapter 1: Does Darwinism Lead to Racism?

00:18:05 Chapter 2: Is Morality Limited to In-Groups?

00:23:55 Chapter 3: From Selfish Instincts to Group Agendas

00:33:47 Chapter 4: Power Over Others

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