Shut Up and Move! A Conversation with Ido Portal

Ido Portal is a world-renowned expert and thinker on human movement.

Life is movement. From one state to another. Order to chaos. Stillness to action. The flow never ends… Read the rest of this article on my Substack


00:00:00  In this episode…

00:00:06  Intro

00:02:17    Chapter 1: Ido’s Journey

00:08:31    Chapter 2: The Concept of Movement

00:17:08    Chapter 3: Spiritual Growth vs Performance

00:20:54    Chapter 4: Aging as Becoming

00:45:55     Chapter 5: The Illusion of Mastery

01:01:51      Chapter 6: Learning by Peeling Away

01:14:01      Chapter 7: The Practice of Walking

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