Why We Love Conspiracy Theories

The word “conspiracies” has become a bit like the word “crazy” these days – a mudslinging label we apply to anyone we want to discredit. But it’s lazy and careless to assume that something is untrue just because it sounds like a conspiracy. Read the rest of this article and download the supporting PDF on my Substack


00:00:00 In this episode…
00:00:10 Chapter 1: We love conspiracies
00:05:09 Chapter 2: Because sometimes, they’re true
00:27:36 Chapter 3: Because they’re emotionally addictive
00:33:55 Chapter 4: Because we want to disbelieve the official narrative
00:40:33 Chapter 5: They mimic a sense of meaning
00:46:36 Chapter 6: They make us feel like a truth insider
00:49:46 Chapter 7: They lighten the burden of responsibility
00:51:57 Chapter 8: They create a sense of community and belonging
00:53:20 Chapter 9: Toward Healthy Skepticism

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